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Diving competitions conclude at FINA World Masters 2015

14.08.2015, 18:00 Sport
The final competition day of the diving touranment has come to an end at the FINA World Championships in Kazan. 26 gold medals were up for grabs in the men's and women's individual and synchronised 3m springboard and 10m platform events. Masters athletes aged 25-85 years old competed in the diving tournament and executed from three to six dives.

Divers started with platform events, then moved to the 3m springboard synchronised dives with the 10m platform wrapping up the day. Today the audience witnessed the triumph of two nations – Russia and Germany – that performed equally strong today. 

In the women's synchronised 3m springboard, there were duets only from 2 countries – Russia and Germany. If the tournament hosts competed in the 50-99 age group (the total age of duets), the German divers executed four announced dives in the +100 age group. The maturer duet earned lower points (from 4 to 9) while Evgeniia Makarova and Marina Romanova's points were not lower than 6 and totalled 165.51. In terms of the degree of difficulty (DD), their third dive was inferior to the one shown by their opponents from SV Gelnhausen but the girls, whose  total age is only 56 years old, managed to beat the rivalling duet. The second duet, whose total age amounted to 115 years old, picked up 145.56 points. 

Greece, Italy and Korea ended up as top finishers in the men's synchro dives. The Greek divers from Fyrigou Culture & Sports Academy demonstrated incredible stunts: they had announced dives with the highest degree of difficulty, skillfully performed all acrobatic elements and earned high points from the judges (including two tens), which put them 70 points ahead of their nearest rival. But their high results were hardly surprising as one of Greek divers, Evangelos Tzivopoulos, is the leading diving coach in his country while Iraklis Sakkalis is his long-time teammmate. Together, they have been successfully performing at national championships and traditionally represented the national team on the international level. Korean representatives managed to pull themselves together in the second half of the diving event but unfortunately had no strength to catch up with the silver medallists. All three duets performed in the 50-59 age group. All of them were equally strong, that's why the clash between all of them turned out to be really fierce. Together with his teammate from the Dresdener SC 1898 Club, Alexander Gorski demonstrated a powerful technique and eventually placed second finishing less than 15 points behind the Greek team. 

A real thriller unfolded in the 10m platform event. The athletes tried to support each other as best as they could: they cheered for each other or took pictures or videos of their colleagues' dives. By the way, Russian diver Pavel Poliakov, a coach from St. Petersburg, set up a camera on the deck so that his family could watch his dives via Skype. He already earned three medals in the 35-39 age group at the current Championships and his dives were really worth seeing. Today's final became the only one where he didn't have any opponents in his age group but he did't lower a bar, on the contrary, he announced dives with high DDs and collected a total of 291.85 points. 

The breakthrough of the Masters tournament in Kazan – 29-year-old Eliza Cole from Arrows Diving Academy – showed the best result today, collecting 331.40. The Australian diver, who works as a doctor, took a leave from her job especially for the Championships. By the way, she's grown up together with Maddison Keeney, a participant of the FINA World Championships, who a couple of weeks ago had marvelled the audience and judges with her acrobatic skills. Cole earned 3 gold medals finishing well ahead of all her rivals in the 25-29  age group. 

Diving. Men. 10m platform.

1.Germany – 4 golds and 1 silver
2. Russia – 3 golds and 1 bronze
3. USA – 1 gold,  1 silver and 1 bronze


Diving. Women. 10m platform.

1.Russia – 3 golds and 1 silver
2.Great Britain – 1 gold and 1 silver
3.Germany – 1 gold and 1 bronze


Diving. Women. Synchronised. 3m springboard.

1.Russia – 1 gold
1.Germany – 1 gold


Diving. Men. Synchronised. 3m springboard.

1. Greece – 1 gold
2. Italy – 1 silver
3. Korea – 1 bronze


Diving. Men. Synchronised. 10m platform.

1. Greece – 1 gold
2. Germany – 1 silver
3. Italy – 1 bronze


Diving. Women. Synchronised. 10m platform.

1. Germany – 1 gold

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