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Masters athlete Alexei Zyrynov: What Masters athletes do is incredible

18.08.2015, 13:00 Sport
Athlete from Ekaterinburg in the 25-29 age group, Alexei Zyrynov, told the Kazan 2015 OC’s journalist about his impressions of the FINA World Masters Championships.

– What are your impressions of the tournament? What distances did you apply for and what are your results?

– Four individual distances: 400m medley, 200m medley, 200m and 50m fly. And two relays. In fact, after a ten-year break we resumed training in February, especially for the World Championships in Kazan. We thought why not to perform in the domestic FINA Worlds and decided to train appropriately.

– What is the reason for a long break?

– Because of studies and job, I have no time left for swimming. When we found out about the Championships in the beginning of the year, we were eager to train again for the Masters tournament.

– Tell us about your achievements at the FINA World Masters Championships.

– Unfortunately, I was only able to make into the top ten, which is far away from the podium, to tell you the truth.

– What can you say about the 200m butterfly race?

– I used to nail this very race, but at these Championships I was not quite ready for it that is why the 200m butterfly race seemed to be difficult enough. But I decided: since I’ve applied for the competitions, I have to get on the starting block and swim.

– What are your impressions after the Championships?

– Actually it’s my first time competing at such a high-profile competitions. The delivery of the Championships is amazing, the atmosphere in friendly. I met here the athletes I have made friends with before, at the Russian Championships. I loved everything!

– What would be your short review of the past Championships?

– I suppose we train not that much as we should, there are plenty of things that are to be learned and to be practiced. I guess the next time I will be racing will be at the Russian Championships next year. This time I’ve been competing in the 25-29 age group, later on I guess I will move to a maturer age group.

– Mature athletes, who are around 80, make up the majority of the athletes who compete at the Masters tournament, and not only compete but also grab medals. What do you think about them?

– They deserve nothing but respect and best regards. It is truly breathtaking when such mature athletes can swim 200m butterfly race. Sometime it is difficult for some of them even to walk, but they manage not only to train and swim but also achieve high results. They set a wonderful example for people around them! 

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