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Water polo at FINA World Masters 2015: Day 6 review

15.08.2015, 19:19 Sport
On the next-to-last day of water polo event of the Kazan 2015 three water polo national Masters teams became the lucky gold medallists. Water polo players from Germany, Slovakia and Russia were awarded with the major medals.

On Day 6 of the water polo event at the 16th FINA World Masters Championships the final programme was given a start with Astana masters Club (KAZ) vs. Russian Beavers (RUS). In this nail-biting fight the Kazakhstan national team managed to snatch a victory. In the final match they proved their supremacy, excelling the Russian team not only in the score but also in the tactics of the game. The final siren let the board of the Olymp swimming pool flash the score 8:4 not in favor of the Russian Beavers.

A little bit earlier the bronze medal was contested between two Russian teams Tigers and Zhemchuzhina where the latter one justified its name fully outshining the opponents. Missing only 3 shots from the rivals, the Zhemchuzhina team managed to score 7.

Water polo. Men. Category 30+, 35+

Gold medal game: Astana Masters Club (KAZ) vs. Russian Beavers (RUS) – 8-4

Bronze medal game: Tigers (RUS) vs. Zhemchuzhina (RUS) – 3-7

Olymp Swimming Pool. August 15.

The Italian team Europa Sporting Association competed for gold against the Russian water players from Dynamo Masters in the +50 age group. Tonight fortune smiled on the host team who defeated the Italian squad by 9-3. In the other encounter the club from Uzbekistan finished outside the medals losing to their Brazilian counterparts.

Water polo event. Men. Final. +50 age group

Gold medal game: DYNAMO MASTERS (RUS) vs. EUROPA SPORTING ASS. (ITA) – 9-3

Bronze medal game: COUNCIL OF VETERANS (UZB) vs. MASTER OLD FELLOWS (BRA) – 8-15

Olymp Swimming Pool. August 15.

The most experienced participants of the water polo tournament defined medallists in the +65 age group. The evening brought some disappointment to German fans of the game. Both the teams from Germany Poseidon and Cannstatt were beaten in the major and comforting finals respectively. Gold went to Slovakia, bronze went to Australia.

Water polo event. Men. Final. +65 age group

Gold medal game: SV Poseidon Hamburg (GER) vs. KVP H2O polo Piešťany (SVK) – 6-8

Bronze medal game: SV Cannstatt (GER) vs. Perth Cockatoos (AUS) – 4-8

Olymp Swimming Pool. August 15.

Only one match of women’s water polo made the night shine. Few teams represent their clubs and they only benefit from this advantage, even when the team was defeated as it happened with the Italian side who were beaten by the young Russians 8-13. But as only three women’s squads compete in the tournament, each of whom solely representing their age group, none will leave Kazan without a gold medal round their neck.

Water polo. Women. 30+,35+,40+ age groups

Round robin: TMR (RUS) vs. SISTEMI INTEGRATI (ITA) – 13-8

Burevestnik Swimming Pool. August 15.

Water polo. Day 6
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