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Rock Energy 2015 Rock Festival held at FINA Water World Park

14.08.2015, 21:15 Culture
Tonight the key cultural venue of the FINA World Championships hosted the eighth edition of All-Russian Rock Energy 2015 Rock Festival. The visitors of the Park met with over ten rock bands, both beginner musicians and popular bands.

The best rock bands staged at the FINA Water World Park. Most of the bands were beginner musicians who performed here at a higher level event. Deputy Executive Director of the Festival, Olga Ptakhina, told: “We search for talented student rock bands and try to promote them onto larger stages. First, we held preliminaries, then a jury forms a list of semifinalists, a final being the last step. When a festival is over, we work with its finalists further on.”

The Festival’s performers this year come from outside the Republic of Tatarstan. One of the bands from Murmansk, north of Russia, came especially to perform at the FINA Water World Park. It took them 3 days to come to Kazan by train.

The Festival is virtually a competition. The sporting spirit of the Championships was reigning both on the main stage and backstage. The atmosphere of the Festival is similar to that of a sporting event: anxiety, applause, thrill and desire to win.

“Before coming on the stage maybe you should go behind the scenes and there you are bound to come across the atmosphere very similar to the one in the call room full of the athletes. The majority of these rock bands have never faced such big event before. I mean the audience, the special aspects of performance, the provided equipment, everything seems to be a kind of gift for them,” Olga Ptakhina says.

Dilyara Vagapova, the famous lead singer of the Murakami band, proves from her own experience that talented artists can be good at sport activities, as well. “I’ve dedicated 3,5 years to ballroom dancing. I was also engaged into seven out-of-class activities, one of which was swimming. As for now I keep training, even during tours I do morning exercises. Thus I try to set a good example for my daughter inspiring her to go in for sports, as well."

Besides, according to the lead singer of the Murakami band, the rock music she is into can be indeed compared to high diving due to the same energy and adrenaline buzz they both produce: “Once I’ve dived from the 3m springboard and gone through the same emotions that we usually try to fill the crowd with during our performances”.  

It is a great honour for every single musician to perform on the big stage of the FINA Water World Park during the 16th FINA Masters Championships. To the athletes who are yet to compete at the tournament the musicians wished to enjoy the competitions, to have fun and to get the win! 

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