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Pavel Poliakov: I had to execute the dive I hadn’t performed for 20 years

15.08.2015, 10:10 Sport
Pavel Poliakov, a Russian diver from Nevskaya Volna Club in the 35-39 age group, happened to show the best results during the last three days of the diving competition. The 3m springboard event turned out to be the most successful one for Pavel Poliakov, who earned 393.30 points leaving his opponents behind with a 40-point advantage.

- Will you speak about your sporting career, please?

- I work as a diving coach for both children and Masters athletes. I’ve been into diving since I was six, my mum and I liked this sport very much. Apart from Masters tournaments, I’ve taken part in municipal, Russian and international championships. After all, the most cherished gold medal for me is the one I grabbed in the Belarus Spartakiad. I also remember the Armed Forces championships quite vividly. Back then I secured a silver medal without any preparation.  As for the Masters Championships, it’s my third tournament. The first one was in Gothenburg 2010, the second one in Riccione 2012. I am the Absolute World Champion of all the Championships I have competed at.

- Are you fine to dive from a springboard as well as from a platform?

- Absolutely. I am used to diving from any height.

- Can we see you compete in the synchronised diving event?

- I just need to find a good partner among men. If I go to the Budapest Championships, I will compete in the mixed diving event together with Anna Ermoshina. We even wanted to perform here.

- Why is the Russian national team winning the diving events?

- Maybe, when Chinese athletes apply for Masters Championships, the situation will change. The Russian diving school is genuinely strong, that’s why our country is superior in this event.

- Can you name your challengers at the Championships?

- International Master of Sport, Eduard Feoktistov, was my challenger. When we were young, he used to defeat me in every Russian tournament. Now I turned the tables on him (smiles).

- How do you like your performance?

- It was awful. I confused one dive in the entry list. I was supposed to execute back 2 ½ somersaults with 0.5 twist, but I had to execute the dive I hadn’t performed for 20 years. But luckily I nailed forward 2½ somersaults with 1 twist pike. It was quite a show.

- What is the highest degree of difficulty you can tackle?

- 3.3. I do not perform new dives, mainly, those I have performed when I was young.

- What is your family’s attitude to your hobby?

- Positive. They support me. It’s a pity my wife could not make it here. We had planned to come together, but unexpectedly my son got sick, so I had to buy air tickets. I wanted to stay at home, but my wife insisted on my trip. I arranged Skype connection for them to watch the competitions online.

- What advice can you give to youngsters?

- This is a good sport. It builds coordination, stamina, willpower. It is a sport for the strong and brave. And it is beautiful, too. The more people do it, the better.

- Will you go diving at 70?

- No doubt about that!

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