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Mikhail Manevich: Our club has earned 15 medals and it is just the beginning

15.08.2015, 09:00 Sport
The Raduga Club is one of the distinguished ones at the 16th FINA World Masters Championships. Its founder, Mikhail Manevich, sat down for an interview to share the secret of success of his team.

– How did you come up with the idea to arrange your own club?

– I participated in the inaugural USSR Swimming Masters Championships which was held in Kiev in 1989. After that we competed at the tenth edition of the Russian Championships in Moscow ten years later. Then we decided to organise a club for amateurs and professionals.

– What distances did you compete in at this Championships in Kazan?

– I started my march to victory from August 7, when I swam in the open water event. On August 10, I took part in the 800m race, on August 12 I won gold in the 400m event in the 65-69 age group.

– What does the world champion title make you feel like?

– It feels incredible aсtually. For the first time ever I earned the world champion title. I kind of inspire my teammates for further triumphs this way.

– What role does the sport play in your life?

– I graduated from the military institute of the physical education, I served 25 years as the head of the sport and physical education department in the army. In the Russian Air Force I coached pilots, technical experts, soldiers, gave lessons on physical exercises to make them healthier and to promote their professional skills. 

– How many medals has your Raduga Club already claimed at these Championships?

– For the time being, our club is the lucky owner of 15 medals and it is only the beginning I think.  

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