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Review of first men's water polo semifinal matches at FINA World Masters 2015

14.08.2015, 17:13 Sport
The first semifinal matches of the water polo tournament have concluded t at the FINA World Masters Championships in Kazan. The Olymp Swimming Pool hosted six semifinal matches today.

Council of Veterans (UZB) vs. Dynamo Masters (RUS) was the first match to open a streak of water polo events. The Russian national team seemed to be much more prepared this  time, they ended the game with the 23-4 in their favour and earned  a chance to play in the final.

The Russian water players from Dynamo Masters will compete for gold against the Italian team Europa Sporting Association in  the +50 age final. The Italian squad turned out to be much stronger than their counterparts from Brazil. The match ended with a 11-6 score on the board, which was mostly thanks to Michele Baviera who managed to execute a penta trick against Brazil.

Water polo event. Men. Semifinal. +50 age group



Olymp Swimming Pool. August 14.

A German derbie has unfolded today in the +65 age group between SV Poseidon Hamburg and SV Cannstatt. The first ones could not only take over the swimming pool but also outclassed the water polo players from the resort area – Bad Cannstatt. The latter suffer ed a  3-5 defeat against SV Poseidon Hamburg, thus allowing their compatriots to advance to the final.

Piestany, a resort town in West Slovakia, can be 100% proud of their national team KVP H2O Polo Piestan that easily edged the Austarlian team Perth Cockatoos out from the right track to the final. The score 10-5 both literally and figuratively proves Slovakia's superiority and deserved berth to the final. 

Water polo. Men. Semifinal. +65 age group

1. SV Poseidon Hamburg vs SV Cannstatt – 5-3

2. KVP H2O polo Piešťany vs. Perth Cockatoos

Swimming pool Olymp. August 14. 

It is curious enough to know that in the youngest age group today three out of four national teams fighting for the chance to play in the finals turned out to be from Russia. Unfortunately, according to the semis results, gold medal won’t be contested among the representatives of one country due to the interference of a strong team from Kazakhstan,  Astana Masters Club, that sort of tamed the Tigers team from Russia, 11-7. The Russian Beavers team featuring distinguished water polo player Sergei Garbuzov will be the next one to compete against the Astana Masters team.

Water polo. Men. Semifinal. +30 age group

1. Astana Masters Club vs. Tigers – 11-7

2. Russian Beavers vs. Zhemchuzhina – 4-3

Swimming pool Olymp. August 14

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