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Water secret of health and beauty

14.08.2015, 15:02 Sport
Regular swimming does not only bring joy but also helps to maintain good health and keep up vitality. The Masters participants whose energy and great achievements are occasionally unlikely to be inferior to those of acting professional athletes prove the message of the Masters Championships. The maturest athletes still set world records and have no intention of giving up their hobby.

As we’ve stated earlier, the 16th FINA Masters tournament got underway on August 5. The last ten exciting days of the Masters Championships clearly demonstrated that grace, strength and stamina never fade if a person keeps on taking care of oneself. The medals of the Masters tournament are contested in 14 age groups, starting from 25 till 100 years old. The oldtimers show surprisingly remarkable results, they even break records in their age groups which surely deserves nothing but respect and admiration. Sound health, freshness, stamina, shining eyes, young heart, all these, as the athletes say, are down to regular swimming trainings. “The water is great! Finishing the race, I feel quite fresh in body, mind and spirit," says Helmut Hertelendy of Germany, the 3km open water event medallist in the 65-69 age group. Ibone De Belausteguigoitia, a 85-year-old diver from the USA, shares his point of view, admitting that sport is the key secret of her beauty and health: “I stay fit and healthy due to the sport; I am always in a good mood. I’ve been into diving since I was young. Swimming seems to be easier; I can do that in the future instead of diving."

Regular physical exercises help not only to retain youth and health, but to restore your body and stay in perfect physical form after surgery and severe illnesses. “Since I underwent heart transplant surgery, I have been swimming for 13 years. Someone literally gave me a second chance at life. And I use this chance to make the most of it,” 200m freestyle silver medallist, Jean Howard-Jones of Great Britain, told. 80-year-old athlete of Krasnoyarsk, repeat champion of Russia and international Masters tournaments, Stanislav Viazovskii, proves the fact that sport, particularly swimming, is the best health promotion: “I underwent two oncology operations. I have such diseases as congenital heart disorder, CAD, asthma which I have been struggling quite successfully. Swimming helps a lot here.”

Poise, friendliness, incredible zest for life, all these attributes are typical of Masters athletes. Russian synchronised swimmer, Maria Kiseleva, was impressed by their performance: “In my day, when we were still athletes, we saw how elderly women were doing diving, and we marvelled at how they have enough courage and strength to do sports at this age. I believe that it is an opportunity for people to prolong their youth, fun and emotion by doing the things they devoted all their lives to.”

The Masters athletes state that you should never give up swimming if it is what you love to do and it is never late to start.

"I will leave the sport, when the pool is empty!" 90-year-old 800m freestyle gold medallist, Kascha Kloos of South Africa, said.

“As long as I live, I swim, and as long as I swim, I live,” claims 95-year-old Hungarian record holder, the maturest athlete of the Masters tournament, Bela Banki Horvath.

“A person is born with two arms and two legs which are meant to move, so we should move as sport is our life,” 83-year-old repeat World and European champion and the Masters athlete, Igor Brovin, comments.

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