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FINA Water World Park to hold Closing Ceremony for 16th FINA World Masters Championships

15.08.2015, 12:00 Culture
The Closing Ceremony for the 16th FINA World Masters Championships will get underway at the FINA Water World Park on August 16 at 19:00. A rich evening event programme will unfold its secrets for all the visitors of the Park.

A great concert will celebrate the end of the 16th FINA World Masters Championships. The organisers promise a vivid event with numerous surprises. The visitors will enjoy pyrotechnic effects and performances of the best ensembles from Kazan and Tatarstan, particularly the Sharm show theatre, Kazan gymnasts and acrobats and Progulshchiki (Slackers) rock band from Kazan. 

The headliner of the Closing Ceremony will be the Ivanushki International (Ivanushka, endearing short version of the Russian name Ivan) famous Russian pop group. The admission is free of charge, that is why everyone will be able to immerse oneself into the atmosphere of the grand sporting extravaganza. At 21:00 a glorious fireworks display will wrap up the Closing Ceremony.

Working hours of the public transport will be prolonged for convenience of the 16th FINA World Masters Championships participants and visitors.

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