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Viktor Dering Memorial Concert held at FINA Water World Park

13.08.2015, 20:30 Culture
Jazz concerts have become a traditional event for the FINA Water World Park. A concert in memory of great Kazan jazz musician Viktor Dering took place today as part of the cultural programme for the 16th FINA World Masters Championships.

Two orchestras – Philharmonic Jazz Orchestra of the Republic of Tatarstan and State Chamber Orchestra of Jazz Music of Oleg Lundstrem – performed on the main stage of the FINA Water World Park. Both bands lit the stage up with their fantastic performances by treating the audience with their favourite melodies and compositions that are known only to a closed circle of people. Songs were performed by such popular jazz singers as Lilia Chugunova, Anna Buturlina and Vladimir Chigarev.

During the intermission, People’s Artist of Russia, artistic director and chief conductor of the State Chamber Orchestra of Jazz Music of Oleg Lundstrem, Boris Frumkin, sat down for a short interview in which he explained why he likes coming here to Kazan and spoke about his attitude to sports.

“It is always a great honour for me to perform in Kazan. I’m even more pleased to be here as part of such a high-profile event as the FINA World Championships. You have a great stadium; I would love to see it with my one eyes. Besides, we have a very good collaboration with the Kazan jazz orchestra headed by Marat Nikolaev. We enjoy so much performing on the stage of the FINA Water World Park. The city welcomed us with a perfect jazz weather – not too hot but sunny – and we are happy to see Kazan’s jazz enthusiasts at our concert today,” the chief conductor said.

Boris Frumkin also expressed his admiration and respect for all those athletes who compete in the FINA World Masters Championships.

“It’s incredible! This event shows that people who dedicated themselves to sport stay true to it throughout their entire lives. I’m not such an avid sport-goer. My first jazz director used to say: ‘Remember, people do exercises only out of desperation.” And this false idea sank into my mind and I paid little attention to sports, and for this I feel sorry now. I’m fond of swimming. I’ve been swimming since I was 4 but unfortunately I don’t have enough time for it now.”

Strong will and persistence, are these traits that are typical for both athletes and musicians? Artistic director and chief conductor of the State Chamber Orchestra of Jazz Music of Oleg Lundstrem, Boris Frumkin, believes that in any field of occupation – be it music or sport – such qualities as motivation, passion and devotion play an important role.

“I think that persistence – or to be precise strong will – is a quite a relative thing. The thing that matters the most is a frenzied devotion to one’s occupation. It seems to me that it can even substitute a will and many other qualities. When a person is in love with one’s mission – be it sport or music – it’s the best motivation. Being in love, this person can overcome weariness, illness and keep going forward. Love is strength!”

And it is true because Masters athletes inspire people around them and by devoting all their free time to swimming and demonstrating  amazing results they show their endless devotion to sports. 

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