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Masters swimmer Laura Palasciano: I train six days a week

13.08.2015, 11:00 Interviews
The FINA World Masters Championships serve a proof of serious sport requiring serious preparation. Participants of the competitions spend almost all their free time on their hobby.

Bronze medallist of the women’s 200m freestyle event in the 45-49 age group, Laura Palasciano of Italy, sat down for an interview to answer questions about her preparation for the competitions.

 – What results have you managed to achieve so far?

– I won the 200m backstroke event and took the third place in the 200m freestyle. Unfortunately, I did not show my best time.

– How much time do you spend on practices?

– I train 1.5 hours six days a week. As a rule, I swim long distances, which helps a lot to get myself ready for the 200m freestyle and backstroke events.

– Is this your first Masters tournament in your career?

– Second. My first one was in 2010.

– How do you like the organisation of the tournament in Kazan?

– Everything’s great!

– What role does sport play in your life?

– Unfortunately, it plays an important, but not the primary role. I have a family, job and many other things I enjoy spending my time on.

– Are you going to participate in the Masters tournament since now on?

– Yes, sure. I love what I do.

– When is it time to give up sport?

– You should never give it up. Keep on training. Personally I feel I am still too young.

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