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Swimming at FINA World Masters 2015: Day 2 review

11.08.2015, 17:31 Sport
The second competition day of the 16th FINA World Masters Championships ended today in Kazan. Six swimming finals at once were held at the Aquatics Palace. The fastest swimmers were determined in such events as the 100m backstroke, 100m freestyle and 100m breaststroke.

The women’s swimming medals were contested across 14 age groups. By the way, the maturest participant of the swimming events, Kascha Kloos of South Africa, turned 90 this year.

But as it happens, 90 years is not the limit. Bela Banki Horvath of Hungary is 95, and he swam the same distance in the men’s competitions. Of course, one could say that he could have been enlisted to compete with Jan Ziegler of the Czech Republic in the 90-94 age group. But according to the organisers, both athletes deservedly earned their own round of applause and gold medals due to their devotion to the sport and commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

In terms of participation, the 100m freestyle event turned out to be the most popular one. One could also see its popularity by the countries featured in the race: Germany, Brazil, Australia, Japan, etc. And all of them were united with the same goal – to end up on the top spot of the podium. Sergey Mukhin of Russia showed the best time; he managed to touch the wall in less than 52 seconds. Two more competitors repeated his success but the winner’s result remained unbeatable.

And finally, 17 women’s and 30 men’s 100m breaststroke events were contested at the end of the day. And the competition here was especially fierce in younger age groups where the major fight for medals unfolded between such countries as Luxembourg, Egypt, Germany and Russia.

Eventually, a tough struggle, which could match the ones that raged between professional swimmers at the Kazan Arena Stadium a week before, ended with the victory of Alexander Vladimirov of Russia (Poseidon Swimming Club). Leaving his opponents far behind, he was first to hit the touchpad in 1:03.16.

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