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Masters bronze medallist Vladimir Malgin: The competitors are quite strong at the tournament

12.08.2015, 11:13 Interviews
The Masters tournament brings together not only oldtimers but also swimmers in younger age groups. And competition among the latter is especially fierce given that the number of participants in these age groups is usually larger. For example, in the men's 3km open water event, only a slim margin of 0.1 seconds separated the second and third place finishers from each other.

Vladimir Malgin, bronze medallist in the 25-29 age group, talked about challenges that young athletes have to face when competing at the Masters tournament.

– What did you feel after claiming bronze?

– Any medal is an honour. Of course, I feel disappointed a bit; I missed out on silver only by 0.1 seconds. But I still feel proud of the result I’ve achieved.

– And what about gold? What prevented you from claiming it?

– I guess my lack of experience. My opponents were quite strong and experienced.

– Can you tell us a few words about your professional career?

– I was 6 years old when I started swimming. I didn’t swim much in open water bodies, just two or three times. I mostly swam in indoor swimming pools. And here I am now, at the Masters tournament in Kazan.

– What do you think about the event management in Kazan?

– Everything was up to the highest level. Thanks to the Organising Committee and volunteers, the Championships were a huge success.

– Have you ever competed at the Masters tournament before?

– It’s my first time. I am about to keep participating in such kinds of tournaments in the future. Maybe next time I will try other categories.

– What were the World Championships best remembered for?

– The thrill of competition, I guess. People around speak about nothing but swimming. It’s wonderful to hear that; you get this vibe. 

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