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Kremlin LIVE to be held in FINA Water World Park on August 12

11.08.2015, 13:00 Culture
The 16th FINA World Championships Kazan 2015 became the centre of not only sports life of the city, but of its cultural scene, too. The organisers of the Kremlin LIVE International Contemporary Culture Festival, which is traditionally held at the Kazan Kremlin, pulled the event out of the white-stoned historic citadel of Tatarstan and will run it on the main stage of the FINA Water World Park next to the Kazan Arena Stadium on August 12.

The year’s edition will offer its viewers both performances of popular and favourite artists and debut programmes.

The festival gets underway with the most powerful voice, emotional and charming, Aset Samrailova (ASET), who is known for her participation in The Voice and Big Jazz musical TV shows and for her numerous concerts and movie roles. The singer comes to Kazan with her band. The musicians promise to create that unique atmosphere of interaction with the audience that is usually dubbed as ‘special festival-like’.

Lyrical and inspiring jazz performed by ASET will be followed by ethnic melodies combined with the contemporary sound of the ALMA project by JIVE Group. Valery Korotkov, the author, producer and moving spirit of the band, have gathered the best musicians of Moscow and Kazan. Live performance and contemporary electronic music enable the audience to hear the beauty of well-known and favourite songs in a new way. Performance of one of the world’s top electric bass players, Anton Davidyants, will come as a special treat for long-time festival-goers. Davidyants is always a welcome guest on the Kazan stage.

One of the most famous and successful Russian jazz musicians and international level celebrity, Sergey Zhilin, and his renowned Fonograf Jazz Band will be the headliners of the Kremlin Live Festival. During last year’s edition, Sergey Zhillin performed together with Igor Butman, and a splendid musical jam of two top Russian jazz musicians became the highlight of the festival that was highly appreciated by the grateful audience.

Videos of their performance were one of the most watched ones among all the clips from the last year’s festival. This year Sergey Zhilin’s cultural programme is richer and festival-goers will surely have more time and opportunities to fully enjoy his jazz performance.

As usual, admission to the Kremlin Live Festival is free. The event is scheduled to start at 18:00 on August 12 at the FINA Water World Park.

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The festival is held by the artistic association Jive Group and with support from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan. The event is part of the cultural programme for the 16th FINA World Championships. Igor Butman, People’s Artist of Russia, is the President of the Festival. 

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