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Igor Semashko: Professional athletes are not ashamed of competing with amateurs at the Masters tournament

R-Sport / MIA Rossiya Segodnya
17.08.2015, 14:40 Sport
Upon conclusion of the 16th FINA World Championships, Igor Semashko, the high diver of the Russian national team, decided to stay in Kazan for a while and attend some FINA Masters competitions. During his interview with a sports reporter of the Kazan 2015 OC’s Press Office, the high diver revealed what professional athletes actually think about competing with amateurs at the same sporting event.

– Thumbs up for the idea of Masters tournament where amateurs and professionals can compete against each other on equal terms. It is a socially important event. I mean it is very curious to see ordinary people, passionate enough about sports, travel from one Championships to another, socialise, meet their acquaintances and like-minded people. Being part of this Masters family, they have known each other for decades.

– Did any of your colleagues confess in some private talk that he would like to compete in the Masters tournament in Kazan?

– I know that the Italian husband of ten-time USSR diving champion, Inga Afonina, might come to compete in Kazan. European Masters champion, Eduard Feoktistov, is sure to come. The company is going to be interesting. After all, professionals do not think it’s shameful to compete with amateur athletes. Such competitions help professionals to stay in good form.

– The baton exchange from the FINA World Championships to the Masters Championships was quite symbolic. What are your memorable moments of the FINA World Championships?

– The atmosphere. Everything was super. These were the best Championships in the FINA history. Many people think so, too. Speaking about my sports achievements, everything is logical there. Gary Hunt deserved gold. He is the best and that’s why he claimed the title. He is much better than all the others. Duque? He just had a bad day. He had been the best in Barcelona, but here he just ran out of luck. It happens in high diving.

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