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90-year-old gold medallist Kascha Kloos: The main thing is to keep your brain going and do sports

10.08.2015, 18:11 Interviews
The men’s and women’s 800m freestyle swimming events were held at the Kazan Arena Stadium today across 14 age groups: from 25 to 90 years old.

Mexican swimmer Arevalo Sanchez showed the best time. She covered the distance in 10:14.44 and earned gold medal in the 25-29 age group.

Elisabeth Ketelsen of Germany finished first in the 70-74 age group with a time of 13:28.72.

German swimmer Helga Reich placed first among 75-99-year-old swimmers. All in all, athletes competed across 14 age groups. The results of the swims are available here.

But it was the maturest participant of the swimming events, 90-year-old Kascha Kloos of South Africa, who stole the limelight today. Competing in the 90-94 age group, she covered the distance in 26:56.99. In her interview, the swimmer revealed the secret of her health and explained why people should always do sports.

– What do you think of the venues and event management?

– The water is wonderful here. The organisation is 100% and I’m very happy to be here.

– What’s the secret of your health?

– Exercise. Swimming, walking, hiking. I also go to the gym and do pilates. I swim 1.5 kilometres every day.

– Have you ever participated in swimming competitions before?

 – I worked as a swimming teacher when I was young. I was never a competitive swimmer but my son said that I could try to take part in competitions. So I started. And now I’m here.

– Is it your first Masters tournament?

– No, it’s my third competition. It started when I was 83 years old. I have plenty of medals. And now I’m 90 and I’m the only in South Africa who swims at this age.

– In your opinion when is it time to leave sports?

– When the pool is empty! I enjoy swimming, I’m healthy. You see South Africa has winter now; in the morning sometimes it’s dark for swimming but you may have it when it’s finished and the day is in front of you.

– Do you have children? Do they do sports?

– Yes, my son is 60 and he’s also swimming. It’s him who encouraged me to start competing.

– What will you wish to young aspiring athletes?

– Healthy lifestyle, do more exercise. And not only exercise but keep your brain going. I tried Italian; I also speak French, German, English and Afrikaans. And I should learn Russian. So keep your brain working and do sports!

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90-year-old swimmer Kascha Kloos about her secret of success
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