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Open water swimmer Carla Beckmann talks about what it takes to win gold

10.08.2015, 11:42 Sport
The 2015 FINA World Masters Championships feature not only oldtimers but also athletes who are young enough to compete in the main tournament. The competitors show their best and strain every effort to get the desirable podium spot.

Carla Beckmann of Germany, a gold medallist in the 30-34 age group, shared her ideas about the tournament and gold medal itself.

– Did you enjoy swimming in a natural water body?

– It was wonderful. I liked the race and I claimed my first gold medal.

– Have you taken part in the Masters tournament before?

– Yes, I compete for the fourth time but it was the first time I claimed gold.

– Was it difficult for you?

– Yes, it was rather difficult. Since there have been lots of people competing it was rather difficult to see if I was leading the race.

– Have you seen any competitions of the 16th FINA World Championships?

– Yes, I saw the synchronised swimming event at the Kazan Arena Stadium.

– What was the most memorable thing about the competitions?

– Meeting new people. I love chatting with swimmers from other countries.

– How do you personally assess the level of event management in Kazan?

– Up to a high standard This event is definitely much better than the previous ones. 

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