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German open water swimmer Jan Graefe: I put my family first and sport second

09.08.2015, 11:32 Interviews
Every single second is vitally crucial not only in professional sport competitions. Masters tournament competitors are doing their best as well that’s why the results they usually achieve sometimes seem to be alike.

Unfortunately, one single mistake can cost a gold medal to athletes. Jan Graefe of Germany, the silver medallist in the open water swimming event in the 40-44 age group, explained how it happens.

– What do you feel after the race?

– I am happy with these results; it is a great honour for me to claim silver. The race itself was challenging a bit. The open water swim event is always not that easy to compete in. Juan Martinez, who came first, sped up in the second half and got ahead of me.

– How did it happen?

– Halfway through the race, I zoned out for a minute and Juan Martinez took the lead. Although we were only 20 seconds apart, unfortunately I couldn’t manage to catch up with him.

– How much time does sport take in your life?

– Swimming plays a very important role in my life. I swim 20-25 hours a week. I put my family first and sport second.

– Do you compete in the FINA World Masters Championships for the first time?

– No, I don’t. It was back then in 2005 when I started taking part in such competitions. It’s my 6th or the 7th time at the tournament.

– And how do you like it here in Kazan? I mean the way everything is organised in general?

– I like it here. It’s my first time in Russia; the host city is beautiful, people are friendly and welcoming, so are the volunteers at sports venues. I am happy.

– What did you personally like about the 16th FINA World Championships?

– I loved the Opening Ceremony; the FINA Water World Park is amazing as well. I hope that the Closing Ceremony will also be remarkable.

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