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Masters athletes compete in open water swimming events

07.08.2015, 16:20 Sport
Today the open water swimming events were held in 23 age groups at the Kazanka Venue. Medals were up for grabs among women (25-79 years of age) and men (25-84 years of age) in the 3km race. 376 athletes from 17 countries, including 173 from Russia and 14 from Tatarstan, took part in the events.

Despite their age, the Masters athletes can still impress younger generations and peers with incredible willpower, courage and good health. Most of the athletes can boast impressive sports achievements, being winners and runners-up of world and European championships, Olympians and participants of many other major tournaments. Nevertheless, they stayed in sport and kept themselves fit in order to compete in various tournaments, including the FINA World Masters Championships.

“I train 6 days a week; I swim 4-5 km a day. This year I retired and now I have a lot of free time for training. I don’t waste it watching TV or sitting in an armchair,” winner of the men’s race in the 65-69 age category, Helmut Hertelendy of Germany, said.

“I am a sports journalist, I write new stories for a paper. Yet nevertheless I train 5 days a week. I enjoy swimming, besides I need to gear up in earnest for such high-profile events,” said bronze medallist of the men’s race in the 35-39 age category, Inigo Goni Iradi of Spain.

As the athletes themselves admit, swimming enables them to keep fit and feel young. The maturest participant of the marathon was 83-year-old Russian Igor Brovin. Despite the fact that he failed to show the best time today, he said that the main message of the World Masters Championships is focus on the journey, not the destination. By the way, he finished the distance in 1:09:08.1.

Follow the link to see the detailed results of the events.

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