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Russia takes its first gold medals at FINA Masters

05.08.2015, 17:00 Sport
The first day of the 16th FINA World Masters Championships resulted in wins for the Russian team. Two synchronised swimmers won gold medals, but the main discovery was Olga Milenina who succeeded to claim gold medal at the age of 74.

During the first competition day at the Akcharlak Swimming Pool, the solo synchronised swimming event took place. Athletes from five age groups took part in the tournament. The youngest participant of the competition was 33, and the maturest was 74.

According to Olga Brusnikina, three-time Olympic champion and director of the Masters synchronised swimming tournament, sport is a vaccination against diseases, as well as a great opportunity to prolong youth. "The goal of the competition is to show how limitless the human body is and how training can extend youth. People come here to engage, relax and enjoy life and the competitions. Anyone can participate, although the main thing is that athletes cannot be younger than 25 years," said Olga Brusnikina.

There are 16 participants in five age categories, and each of them is competing in a separate medal event. To win, athletes must perform in two routines: technical, where you must show the best performance of complex elements, and freestyle, where not only proper execution of the elements is important, but also artistic impression.

According to spectators, one of the most memorable performances was from Olga Milenina, who performed a dance to a song by Demis Roussos. She won over the spectators and the judges. "I have been swimming since 1959, more than half a century already. Participation in the competition is an adventure for me! I am happy to become a world champion at 74 years old!"

Another pleasant surprise on the first competition day was 33-year-old Liliya Usova who confessed that she fulfilled her lifelong dream: "I'm a coach myself, and learned about the Championships in Russia by chance, so I decided to try it, because my childhood dream was to participate in competitions of such level. During my performance, I dropped my nose plug and performed my entire routine without it, so I did not expect that there would be gold. It is the main victory in my life!"

The Masters synchronised swimming tournament will continue on August 6 and 7, with performances by duets and teams respectively.  The tournament is taking place at the Akcharlak Swimming Pool, and admission to the Masters competitions is free for all.

The competition schedule of the 16th FINA World Masters Championships can be found on the website.

Russia takes its first gold medals at FINA Masters
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