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Masters synchro swimmer Donella Freeman: Sport is the best way to keep fit

04.08.2015, 15:11 Interviews
The 16th World Masters Championships start tomorrow, the synchronised swimming competition opening the tournament. Australian athlete Donella Freeman told about her impression of Kazan and why it is important to do sports at any age.

– Please tell about your sports career.

– I was a national competitor when I was young. I was an Olympian. Then I took twenty years off competing. I came back as a Masters competitor. This is my fourth Masters. I won my event in 2008. The competition is getting better and better, even though we’re getting older.

– Why didn’t you stop?

– It’s the best way to keep fit for me.

– How much time do you give to sport?

– It depends on whether I have a competition or not. Before the competition, as it gets closer, I’ll train twice a day, but it’s hard to maintain that through normal life. It goes down to, maybe, 2-3 times a week, when there’s no competition on.

– What expectations do you have here in Kazan?

– I would love to win a medal, but it just depends on the competition. At least I hope to give a good performance.

– What would you wish to athletes participating in the FINA World Championships?

– I will wish them to keep swimming throughout life.

Donella Freeman competes in the 50-59 age category, representing Australia. The athlete represented her country at the Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games. At the FINA World Chsmpionships in Kazan, she performs in the solo synchronised swimming event. 

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